5K Bathroom Deal $4,999.00

This is what you should expect when purchasing this deal from MLV Construction, LLC.:


This is a half off and it works two ways and it stands for a 8′x5′ Bathroom, if your bathroom is larger, you can still apply this coupon but there will be a extra charge, please inquire need be.


Demolition: We will be removing the following: Tile, vinyl, hardwood, floors and one layer of subfloor, Bath tub or shower, tub walls (tis are the only walls that will be removed), tub faucet, toilet, vanity, vanity top, vanity faucet, mirror or medicine cabinet, light fixture, baseboards, accessories, including, if exists, tub/shower door/rod.


Plumbing: Providing and Installing new tub (Allowance $200) on existing plumbing connections, Providing and Installing new shower faucet (Allowance $100) on existing plumbing connections, Providing and Installing new Vanity faucet (Allowance $55) and drain, Providing and Installing new toilet (Allowance $150)


Electrical: Provide and install new toggle or decora light switch and connect in to existing location, provide and install new GFCI outlet in to exiting location (the code is requiring a 20AMP GFCI, if you don’t have that we will quote you on it), Provide and Install new light fixture on to existing connection (Allowance $50)


Tiles: Provide and install new tiles on tub/shower wall (Allowance $150), Provide and install new tiles on bathroom floor (Allowance $80), all tiles will be grouted with grout provided by us.


Vanity and Baseboards: Provide and install new vanity, vanity top and vanity faucet (Allowance $200), Provide and install new colonial baseboard and shoe base, Provide and install new mirror (Allowance $30)


Paint: Provide paint and paint walls only with two coats



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